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Natour Alpe-Adria

10. 11. 2015

ADVENTURE NATURE is the slogan of a revived fair event which will be happening at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre between 27 and 30 January 2016. We joined forces with Toleranca marketing company. The project's partners are Slovenian Tourist Organization and Hiking & Biking Slovenia. 

After 26 years of a successful tourism fair, mostly directed towards wider public, now we are aiming at greater internationalization and additional contents designed for professional public. We will achieve this by specializing in active green tourism. In this part of Europe there is no fair with such contents even though the very natural conditions simply call for it. The vision is clear. We want the fair to become a central tourism event of this type in this part of Europe. At the same time, we added to the traditional fair a boutique business exchange Natour (this year, the 9th exchange took place in Golte), and with this combination we also guarantee the exhibitors they will have business visitors - invited guests who are buyers of such tourist products.    

As potential exhibitors at the fair we invite providers of active leisure in nature, destination representatives, especially from the Alps-Adriatic region, tourist agencies and providers of other services and equipment for active leisure. This year again, we invite all interested parties to participate in the call for Jakob award. Jakob for quality and excellence in tourism in the Alps-Adriatic region for the year 2015 will be granted for realized touristic projects related to the topic 'Contemporary interpretations of cultural heritage of local and regional dishes in tourism industry.’ Global tourists again discover culinary values of seasons, local culinary skills and, above all, the tastes of locally grown food. Once again we discover the richness of food cultures passed on from our ancestors; not as a food ‘museum’ or a ‘theatre’ of food history, though, but rather as challenging starting points for discovering and creating new creative options. Preparation of food and pleasure of eating are connected with every day and holidays, habits and customs, and through dishes and meals we get acquainted with different environments and their inhabitants. We therefore emphasize contemporary interpretations of cultural heritage of this field. Another emphasis is on local and/or regional in cooking. The committee will take into consideration truly innovative solutions which are already being implemented, not ideas and projects in the stage of concept. 

What will the fair offer to our tourism industry? 

We expect an increased number of direct visitors who are attracted by active leisure time in nature, and this group is expanding. On the other hand, with a specialized fair we will attract providers from other countries in this region, which means that the fair will present a vast array of competitors, their ideas and solutions. The accompanying programme will offer plenty of opportunities for learning, networking, consulting, and getting in touch with new trends. Simultaneously there will be an option to participate in the Natour exchange and present one’s services quality invited buyers of green and active leisure within an organized schedule of meetings. Alongside of business visitors, our door will be widely open for all of us travellers, sportsmen, mountaineers, hikers and trekkers, active recreation lovers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders, lovers of adrenaline sports in nature and more - for all ages and to suit every budget.      

Let us conclude with an expectation expressed in numbers. This year, we expect 120 direct exhibitors, 15 participating countries, 20,000 visitors, 40 invited guests, 40 participants of the exchange and the fair simultaneously, and at least 700 business meetings agreed in advance.  

Iztok Bricl, M.Sc., director, GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Gorazd Čad, director, Toleranca marketing



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