THE JAKOB AWARD – The International Award for inventiveness in tourism

Ambassador of innovative tourism events

The Jakob Award 2024 and the title Ambassador of Innovative Tourism Events went to the project Idrija Žlikrofi Feast (žlikrofi: type of pasta filled with spiced balls made of cooked potato, sautéed onions and lard) by the ID20 – Institute for Innovation in Heritage.

The Idrija Žlikrofi Feast is a first-class culinary experience that presents the traditional Idrija dish in a modern light. Each year, the penultimate Saturday in August is reserved for the presentation of certified producers of žlikrofi from Idrija, for tasting innovative sauces from local chefs, for a competition between hunting families in the preparation of the venison stew, locally also known as bákalca, and for relaxed socialising in the company of top winemakers, microbrewers and žlikrofi ambassadors.

The Committee justified its decision as follows: The Idrija Žlikrofi Feast is a highly innovative festival, also in Slovenia, which is complemented year after year by its predominantly young organisers with modern content, thus bringing the Idrija heritage closer to new generations. The heritage content is interpreted in a distinctly modern way, thereby ensuring the continuity of local identity.


The second prize and recognition award went to the Ptuj Tourism Public Institute for the project Kurentovanje – The largest ethnographic festival in Slovenia.

The Committee justified its decision as follows: Kurentovanje is one of the oldest carnival festivals in Slovenia, which developed over many years as a procession of carnival characters in an urban environment. Recently, however, it has been innovatively enhanced by a series of accompanying contents, which give it a distinctly urban character and distinguish it from the carnivals in the Drava and Ptuj Fields, which are protected by UNESCO.

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