Winner of the Jakob Award 2022

Ambasador Jakob 2022

The Jakob Award for the most Innovative Cycling Experience has been rewarded to the project Cycling for People with reduced mobility ARS VIVA, of the Institute for Cultural Integration and Socialization of Social Groups. They have applied a project that offers rental of adapted bicycles, thus enabling the improvement of the quality of life to vulnerable groups, and active involvement in society.

The Commission reasoned its decision as follows:
“The project enables people with reduced mobility to spend their free time actively and get to know natural and cultural environments at the local and regional level, even for individuals and groups with reduced mobility.”

The theme of this year’s 11th selection for the Jakob Award is “Innovative Cycling Experiences“.

The international commission consisted of prof. dr. Janez Bogataj, President (Slovenia), Marko Lenarčič (Slovenia), Lojze Wieser (Austria) and Jožko Sirk (Italy).

The Commission selected five finalists from among 14 projects:

  • The Juliana Bike – Circular Long-Distance Cycling Route – The Julian Alps Community (The Bohinj Tourism) and The Mountaineering Association of Slovenia
    (The project description: The Juliana Bike is a long-distance circular touring bike route around and across the Julian Alps. Touring cyclists tackle over 300 km of marked trails and overcome 8,500 metres in seven stages. The Juliana Bike was created in collaboration with the Julian Alps Community and The Mountaineering Association Slovenia.)
  • The ArheKoloVrhnika and KoloVagaBevke: Family Cycling Adventures in Vrhnika – Škrateljc, The Institute for Culture, Education and Sports
    (The project description: An innovative product of family cycling tourism, with which we encouraged structured, different, and adventurous discovery of history, archaeology of Vrhnika on the one hand, and natural beauties of the Ljubljana Marshes on the other. The product is connected with all other offers of Vrhnika (gastronomy, guided tours, etc.)
  • Who Prepares Your Breakfast? By Bike to The Source! – The Charming Slovenia, The Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno
    (The project description: The Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno and the Charming Slovenia brand are famous for connecting with local providers and growers. With us, jump on an electric bike and let’s go together to those who lovingly prepare excellent ingredients for a homemade breakfast that makes you mornings better at the Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno.)
  • The Cycling Ecohotel Koroš and the Mountain Biking Park on Farms – Ekohotel Koroš (Kreatur d.o.o.)
    (The project description: whereas mountain biking is “forbidden and unpopular” in some places, we have developed a modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable natural global cycling destination in an innovative way, on 7 farms, in a traditional rural environment.)
  • Cycling for people with reduced mobility – The ARS VIVA, Institute for Cultural Integration and Socialization of Social Groups
    (The project description: The offer of renting adapted bicycles as such is unique in Slovenia and contributes to the development of accessible tourism in the local community. Cycling for the disabled is intended for vulnerable groups and their families. Adapted cycling allows active leisure, especially for guests with reduce mobility.)

Winner of the Jakob Award and Ambassador of Innovation in Tourism 2020

The Jakob Award 2020 and the title Ambassador of Innovation in Tourism for the field of innovative tourism content and programs in castles and mansions 2020 were awarded to The Posavje Castles. With their various contents they are linked into a common project. This connection is exceptional and innovative for the current Slovenian circumstances, where we often close ourselves behind the castle walls. The Posavje Castles thus seek their new identities and develop contact with the local and regional cultural environment.

Castle Rajhenburg
Posavina Museum of Brežice
Gallery Božidar Jakac
Castle Mokrice
Castle Podsreda
Castle Sevnica
Finalist for the Jacob Award 2020 with the following five programs:
1) The Expert Tour of the Raka Castle
2) The Podsreda Castle – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
3) Where the History Comes to Life – the Bled Castle
4) The Trebnik Mansion Between the Past and the Present
5) The Posavje Castles
Expert tour of Raka Castle
Podsreda Castle - yesterday, today, tomorrow
Where history comes alive – Bled Castle
Trebnik Manor between the past and the present
The Posavje Castles / AMBASSADOR

Winner of the Jakob award 2019

At the Alpe-Adria Fair – the main tourist fair in Slovenia, the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre grants the Jakob Award for excellence and quality in tourism. The award is named after one of the “ancient tourists”, the pilgrim Jakob. Each year, the International Commission including Mr. Jožko Sirk, the host and winner of the Michelin star from neighbouring Italy; Mr. Lojze Wieser, the publisher and culinary from Austria and Mr. Janez Bogataj, PhD, the president; chooses, according to the written criteria, the best one that contributes an important part to the mosaic of innovative tourism efforts of the Alps-Adriatic region. As Dr. Bogataj says, the prize is “an incentive and a motive for all those who, in one way or the other, work in tourism, and to tourists, a guideline for many qualities in various areas of tourist contents and the tourist way of life in general.”

The Jakob International Award 2019 for An Unforgettable Day at the Fonda Fish Farm

The Commission has awarded the Jakob 2019 Award for New Sustainable Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Observation Tourism Forms to the project The Unforgettable Day at the Fonda Fish  Farm (Fonda Fish Garden – Your Next Unforgettable Day): Out of all seven projects received for the Jakob Award 2019 has the “Fonda Fish Garden – Your next unforgettable day” project the largest amount of innovation in marine fishing tourism. It represents a form or a model that will ensure a quality diet in the future. In addition to sea bass that are grown in the Piran Bay with the help of the highest quality natural foods, other marine organisms have also inhabited the area, precisely because of such food and the natural environment. Among them are marine organisms, which have been almost extinct. Fish breeding is slow, and thus also similar to natural growth of wild bass. However, only one of the activities of the Fonda Fish Garden has been mentioned. Secondly, it represents a direct contact with tourism and tourist programs that are carried out at the farm. This does not only mean the tasting of the sea bass, but in particular the various educational and awareness-raising forms that they provide for tourists at the farm. This is exactly what the breeding ground of the sea bass rises from purely the natural production to a distinctly educational activity. This means that tourists can get new insights on sea bass and other marine organisms and raise their relationships to anything that is often called without any tangible marks as sustainable and in harmony with nature.

Just recently the project the Unforgettable Day at the Fonda Fish Farm has been also ranked among the top ten experiences branded Slovenia Unique Experiences, confirmed by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO). The 5-star experience under the name Slovenia Unique Experiences is positioned as a collection of unique authentic premium quality experiences that support the story of the brand I Feel Slovenia and Green Boutique Slovenia for 5-star Experiences.

Congratulations to the project’s creators from the Fonda Fish Farm for both awards.

The GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will officially present the Jakob Award at the opening ceremony of the jubilee 30th Alpe-Adria Fair on Wednesday, the 30thof January.

Winner of the Jakob Award 2018

The Jakob Award 2018, on topic Innovative Tourist Programs and The Offer on Wine Roads.

The company has been developing a very precise and well-considered offer in the wine growing region Golsa near the Neusiedler Lake, the largest part of which is in Burgenland in Austria, and its smaller, southernmost part, in Hungary. »The offer of the wine road is enriched by event and entertainment programs. Wine culture is experienced by visitors differently: during cycling, related to sports activities, Nordic walking and other forms. There are about 20 such wine tours available. During visits to the wine cellars, they learn about culinary specialties with various tastings, organized cooking workshops and lectures, even in connection with getting possible handicraft or fine arts knowledge, including cosmetics, and other contents. The whole system is very clearly and firmly established. Not only dates, but also prices, which proves that such a policy can bring adequate tourism benefits to everyone in the wine-growing region, ” is written in the report of the commission consisting of prof. dr. Janez Bogataj, President, Jožko Sirk and Lojze Wieser, Members.