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Jakob award for the ‘Open kitchen’

29. 1. 2014
At the official opening of the Alpe-Adria: Tourism and Leisure Show, the central tourist event in the Alpe-Adria region, attended by renowned representatives from Slovenia and abroad, Jakob award was granted. The award got its name after the pilgrim Jacob who symbolizes the first tourist traveller. The winner of the 2014 Jakob award is the project ‘Open kitchen - a culinary journey among the stands of Ljubljana open market.’ 

The fair was officially opened by Marjan Hribar, MSc, Director General of the Tourism and Internationalization Directorate at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, the honorary sponsor of the show.

This year, the expert committee chaired by Professor Janez Bogataj, PhD, and members Jožko Sirk and Lojze Wieser granted the award for excellence and quality in tourism within Alpe-Adria region with the topic 'Innovative examples of positive urban street food in tourism'. As an alternative to all sorts of unhealthy fast food, many countries have already started to actively strive for the so called positive street fast food, i.e. various innovative ways and forms of offering recognizable and healthy local and regional dishes on the street. 

‘Open kitchen’ project is an example of an extraordinarily innovative and original way of offering street food. ‘It exceeded all expectations regarding the number of visitors as well as its versatility and quality. An important ingredient of the ‘Open kitchen’ is its culinary multicultural openness: in addition to the dishes from 24 gastronomic regions of Slovenia, specialities from other cultural environments are offered,’ the committee stated in their explanation.

Lior Kochavy, director of the project ‘Open kitchen’: We are very honoured and thankful to the committee for selecting us. We want to thank the public company Ljubljana parking places and open markets, our chefs and of course our visitors, because together we have created this Friday culinary event which is already traditional. One of the many goals of the ‘Open kitchen’ was to offer the best and richest range of dishes on one spot and at the same time create an event for all visitors, locals and foreigners alike. We are happy that this international award goes to Slovenia; it is an acknowledgement that our energy and invested work have been noticed. At the same time, the award brought us lots of motivation and impetus for our work in the future.

In May 2013, aromas wafted from the pots on the square Pogačarjev trg for the first time, and from then on the culinary story among the stalls of Ljubljana open market continued every Friday until October. In the first season, rich culinary offer was created by more than 65 best chefs from all Slovenia. Locals and tourists from Slovenia and abroad could taste traditional Slovenian specialities as well as international ones. For the new season, organizers prepare even more culinary variety, because they want to offer the best at every stall. 

For more information about Open kitchen, go to www.odprtakuhna.si.



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