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The Jakob Award

THE JAKOB AWARD 2023 – The International Award for inventiveness in tourism

The theme of the 12th selection for the Jakob Award is "Thematic route as a tourist product".

The outdoor segment of active, green tourism represents an opportunity for the development of tourism in the Alps-Adriatic region, which the projects have to demonstrate as well. The peculiarities of the natural or cultural environment have to be revealed on carefully planned and arranged routes. As a rule, these routes should be easy, instructive, mostly accessible in all seasons. They can highlight flora and fauna, cultural heritage and cuisine, as well as other local specialties.

By upgrading these routes in terms of a tourist product, it should open up opportunities to create green, five-star experiences that enable the development of boutique, non-mass tourism. Projects must take into account the protection of the natural environment and be designed responsibly and in the harmony with the natural environment; they have to have all the necessary official approvals, the implementation has to be professional; participants have to be guaranteed safety. They have to represent experiences for the participants and contain innovative approaches.

The expert committee will take into account all active projects and select the five best based on the fulfillment of the above-mentioned elements.

Among the five, the best one will receive the Jakob Award for 2023 and the title of Ambassador of Thematic Routes.

Application deadline: 10th January 2023



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