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The Jakob award 2020

The International Award for inventiveness in tourism

The International Award for inventiveness in tourism, which is presented each year at the Alpe Adria International Fair at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre in Ljubljana, is anticipating the tenth anniversary and that is why we added some novelties to the content of the call for the award. 

The international expert jury select the best five, already implemented projects among the applications. Out of these five, the jury will award the best one to receive the Jakob Award for a particular year and the title Ambassador for a specific field of inventiveness in tourism.

The theme of the 2020 Jakob Award:
»Innovative Tourist Content and Programs in Castles and Chateaus«

The international commission :
Mr. Lojze Wieser (Austria), prof. dr. Janez Bogataj, President (Slovenia) and Mr. Jožko Sirk (Italy)

Finalist for the Jacob Award 2020 with the following five programs:
1)      The Expert Tour of the Raka Castle
2)      The Podsreda Castle - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
3)      Where the History Comes to Life – the Bled Castle
4)      The Trebnik Mansion Between the Past and the Present
5)      The Posavje Castles

The Jakob Award 2020 and the title Ambassador of Innovation in Tourism for the field of innovative tourism content and programs in castles and mansions 2020 were awarded to The Posavje Castles. With their various contents they are linked into a common project. This connection is exceptional and innovative for the current Slovenian circumstances, where we often close ourselves behind the castle walls. The Posavje Castles thus seek their new identities and develop contact with the local and regional cultural environment.